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AML Policy

Money laundering consists of using different instruments of money flow to convert illegally obtained funds to legally appearing funds making it appear as if it came from a legitimate source. Most countries have a strict anti money laundering policy, including Seychelles, where EgoPay is registered.

EgoPay is against all types of money laundering and does not take part in any activity evolving these trades. EgoPay, its staff and representatives view money laundering as a very serious attack against moral and ethics values and are thus willing to collaborate against these activities by verifying the identity of account holders and exchangers to investigate suspicious activities, which will be reported to the legal authorities in charge upon confirmation of such activities.

All transactions and identification records are kept in our system for a minimum of ten years and our staff is constantly trained to look for suspicious activities in relation to any EgoPay account and also how to proceed under such circumstances.

EgoPay reinforces its policy against money laundering and is willing to help the local and international legal authorities in fighting criminal activity. EgoPay will not deal with anyone directly or indirectly involved in any type of criminal activity, including money laundering.

EgoPay may terminate an account or service provided without prior notice if an account holder does not follow terms and guidelines and reserves the right to refuse transactions at anytime, if EgoPay staff suspects of fraudulent funds, including but not limited to money laundering or law violations.

Privacy Policy


The personal information of an EgoPay account holder will remain confidential and will only be used as stated in the terms below.

By opening an account and accepting our Privacy Policy, you agree with its content and express your consent to EgoPay’s use of your information as described here.

E-commerce World Wide Group LTD.

EgoPay is a registered trademark of E-commerce World Wide Group LTD., registered in Seychelles under the registry number 112109. If you have any questions or complaints regarding these privacy terms, EgoPay can be reached via our Customer Service department.

Personal Information

In order to open an account, a person must provide the required information as stated on the registration form. It is also a requirement that an answer to a security question is provided, to protect the account against fraud and to resetting of the chosen password, if needed. If a person chooses to associate a bank account with their EgoPay account, they may be asked to provide additional personal information for identification purposes of address and other personal identification to be verified.
An account holders IP address is kept in a database log along with personal information, which will not be shared with third parties.
EgoPay collects and store account holders personal information in order to provide them with a safe environment for online instant money transfers associated with low fees and accessible customer support. Account holders personal information are used to prevent fraud and money laundering related activities; to process money transfers instantly, without further verification of each transaction and to provide legal information to authorities upon legal request.

Use of Information

EgoPay will not for any reason whatsoever sell, trade, exchange, give or transfer any stored personal private or public information without the consent of the account holder. Limited information regarding accounts, such as account e-mail address will be displayed to other EgoPay account holders with whom funds are sent and received.
An account holder’s financial information, such as account balance, transactions history, bank account details will never be disclosed to anyone. Collected information may be used to administrate accounts, respond to account holders requests, display customized options based on interests and improve the services EgoPay offers.

Third parties

EgoPay’s website may contain links to external websites and EgoPay will not be held responsible for misleading, false or inaccurate information contained in these websites. This privacy statement only applies to

Communication and anti SPAM

EgoPay often contacts account holders to present new features, promotions and special events, however EgoPay will never send out any type of third party e-mail advertisement as EgoPay does not endorse any merchant or online service. Account holders are able change their communication settings under the tab Profile by logging in to their account, including termination of receiving newsletters and updates.
EgoPay has a strict anti SPAM policy and account holders who are found impersonating EgoPay and/or its employees and/or engaging in SPAM activities will face legal action taken by EgoPay’s legal representatives and are subjected to their country of citizenship legal penalties and indemnities.

Account Changes

Account holders may change their account details under the tab Profile by logging in to their account. Password resets are also available by answering the provided security questions when registering for an account.


All account information is encrypted and stored on EgoPay’s private web servers. These are located in a safe environment to prevent personal data stealing and guarantee the efficacy of the service provided to account holders. EgoPay is secured by GeoTrust Inc. service and all information is transferred using a 256 bit SSL protection, which means it is effectively encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone.

Policy Changes

This privacy policy is subjected to changes depending on governmental, law and regulations changes with a prior notice of at least two weeks. Once these changes are announced, account holders will have the choice to either agree with the new terms and policies and continue to use EgoPay services or, in case of disagreement, an account holder will have two weeks to move their assets from EgoPay before their accounts are terminated. Account holders will be warned via e-mail and via main site updates in case it happens.

Legal Disclaimer

This privacy policy and terms of service were built in accordance with the current laws of Seychelles and account holders of this service shall be submitted to the courts of Seychelles or other legal entities if required when using EgoPay’s services.

EgoPay Terms of Service

EgoPay is an online payment processor, registered and domiciled in the country of Seychelles, and are bound by the legal requirements of Seychelles, which include but is not limited to, limiting certain businesses from using the services offered by EgoPay.

Using the online services provided within the EgoPay website, is subject to full compliance with the Egopay Terms of Services as outlined below.

You must agree to be bound to all the conditions before opening an account with EgoPay.

EgoPay reserves the right to modify the Terms at any time and without prior notice. All modifications will be updated on this page and it is your responsibility to review the terms periodically.

By continuing to use the services of EgoPay you are deemed to be giving your conclusive acceptance of this agreement.

  1. Accounts

    1. A person must declare to be at least 18 years old at the time of registering an account and EgoPay reserves the right to ask for official personal identification documents for this purpose.
    2. Registering of multiple accounts is acceptable, but only one account is allowed for each e-mail address.
    3. Certain countries may be restricted from using EgoPay services and an up to date list of these may be obtained by contacting our customer support department
    4. Account holders may not violate any laws or regulations of their residential countries by using EgoPay’s services. Not respecting this clause will lead to account closure and the account holder holds all legal responsibility, including indemnity for possible losses.
    5. Accounts are non transferable and are under no circumstances to be transferred or assigned to a third party or legal entity.
    6. Account holders must comply with security, password protection and identity protection recommendations provided by EgoPay and by following its guidelines.
  2. Personal information

    EgoPay collects personal information of account holders based on the current laws of Seychelles.

    1. Account holders are encouraged to provide valid and accurate personal information during registration as this step is mandatory if the bank wire funding and withdrawal option provided by EgoPay will be utilized. EgoPay reserves the right to verify all information provided and copies of personal identification documents and proof of address may be requested. Failing to comply with this clause could result in misuse of your account and immediate suspension may also occur to prevent fraudulent activity.
    2. The following documents are valid for personal information verification: valid passport, government issued identification document or driver’s license. Documents such as birth certificate, student card, working badge, are NOT acceptable.
    3. The following documents are valid for address verification: Recent bank or credit card statement, utility bill, such as gas, electricity or fixed telephone bill.
    4. Personal information can be changed under the tab Profile after logging in to your account. If for any reason, it is not possible to change some of the information, account holders must contact the customer service department with their updated information.
    5. Account holders must ensure their account details are updated regularly to ensure they are receiving EgoPay’s communications. EgoPay is not responsible for possible losses caused by account holders failing to comply with this clause. Please note that EgoPay reserves the right to send an account holder occasional emails containing information regarding new features, promotions and special events.
    6. Account holders personal information is kept for a period of three years after account closure for legal reasons.
  3. Account Security

    EgoPay provides a secure environment to protect all sensitive information using advanced 256 bit SSL encryption provided by GeoTrust in

    1. Account holders must ensure that their login credentials are kept safely and are not shared with third parties.
    2. Account holders must ensure the security of their account password, PIN code and the answer to their security question.
    3. The PIN code must contain exactly 5 digits and is used as a 2nd step identity confirmation to log into your account.
    4. Passwords must contain at least one upper case letter, at least one digit and must contain a minimum of 8 characters. The password is necessary to obtain account access.
    5. The Security color is used to identify that you are in fact accessing the EgoPay website and not a 3rd party fraudulent website. The color will be shown on the 2nd log in step and will always be exactly the same security color used during the initial registration of that particular EgoPay account.
    6. Account holders agree to only use money exchangers that are verified and approved by EgoPay. The list of current exchangers can be found here.
  4. Account types

    EgoPay offer 3 account types

    1. Personal account, to be used by individuals for personal non-commercial use.
    2. Business account, to be used for business owners, planning to use EgoPay as a payment option on their website and require mass payment and API features.
    3. Exchanger account, to be used by EgoPay verified exchangers, offering a service exchanging e-currency funds for individuals.
  5. Transactions

    Account holders have access to all transactions carried out with their account as well as any fees involved. Any possible irregularities are to be reported by contacting EgoPay Customer Service department.

    1. Each EgoPay account is attached to an e-mail address, which identifies the account and which must be provided when arranging a transaction. Account holders must insert the exact e-mail address of the recipient.
    2. EgoPay does not hold the responsibility for errors made by account holders inserting the recipient’s account identifier nor for wrong transfers, even if the instructions provided by a Merchant are incorrect.
    3. EgoPay does not hold responsibility for any type of damage or loss caused by payments made to the wrong recipients, payments made for incorrect amounts, payments made by third parties through an account holders account, errors in merchant’s content, delays or data loss caused by telecommunications systems, government acts, fraud and malfeasance of the account holder.
    4. All transactions are final and cannot be reversed.
    5. In case of suspicious/fraudulent funds, EgoPay reserves the right to put such transactions on hold for further investigation.
    6. Transactions, funding and withdrawals are subject to charges and fees. For more information and details regarding EgoPay fees please see fees section.
    7. A recipient’s account will be instantly credited with the inserted amount, once the sender confirms the transaction.
    8. EgoPay account holders can withdraw funds from EgoPay by using Payza or e-currency exchangers. Times to complete a withdrawal may vary due to security reasons, please visit our FAQ for current information.
    9. EgoPay does not take part in disputes between account holders and merchants. All transactions are final, irreversible and possible misunderstandings between an account holder and a merchant shall be acknowledged and resolved between them, except in the case of a merchant’s transgression or fraudulent use of EgoPay’s services, declared by a higher legal entity of an account holders jurisdiction. In some rare cases, EgoPay will investigate and reverse transactions found to violate fair practice and/or are abusive towards other EgoPay account holders or EgoPay services.
  6. Limitations and restrictions

    EgoPay strive to provide a safe environment for account holders.

    1. Accounts that are suspected to be fraudulent or engage in fraudulent activity may be limited during an investigation. During the investigation the user will be asked to explain the specifics of the account activity in order to lift the limitation from the account.
    2. If during the investigation the limited account proves to be fraudulent and involved in activities that are against EgoPay's terms and conditions the limitation will not be lifted.
    3. EgoPay reserves the right to terminate accounts that act as unauthorized e-currency exchangers and all of the related accounts.
    4. All merchant accounts are subjected to a temporary security freeze from incoming transactions. Please visit our FAQ for more information on current % and timeframe, or direct your questions to our customer support department.
    5. EgoPay is not responsible for any misuse of provided services. Account holders shall verify the usability of this type of financial service within their jurisdiction or country of citizenship and residence.
    6. EgoPay does not offer any guarantees regarding merchants offered services or products, neither the shipping nor quality of them.
    7. Account holders must refrain from swearing, abusing or threatening EgoPay employees, neither through email, support centre or live chat. Abusive conduct will not be tolerated and may result in account termination.
  7. Account Termination

    1. Account holders must contact customer support by submitting a ticket in order to close their account.
    2. Accounts that were closed by account holder's own request can only be re-opened by a request from the account holder by contacting the customer support by submitting a ticket.
    3. EgoPay may terminate an account holder’s account without prior notice if found to violate the terms.
    4. Reasons for account termination include, but are not limited to: breaching of terms of service, fraudulent activity, law or regulation violation and in the case EgoPay are obligated to comply with court orders for investigation.
    5. EgoPay reserves the right to terminate an account in the case where the account holder is using any feature to hide their actual location and in the case of Copyright infringements.
    6. EgoPay does not terminate accounts due to inactivity.
  8. Restricted business activities

    The following activities are prohibited using EgoPay services:

    1. Gambling
    2. Child pornography
    3. Pharmaceutical sales
    4. Bestiality
    5. Tobacco
    6. Alcohol
    7. Hate
    8. Replica
  9. Copyright

    1. Account holders shall only use EgoPay’s trademarks with written permission from the EgoPay administration.
    2. Account holders may not modify trademarks of EgoPay.
    3. Failing to comply with EgoPay copyright clauses will result in immediate account termination.
  10. EgoPay responsibilities

    1. EgoPay ensures that a safe and secure online interface is provided.
    2. All transactions are backed by USD and EUR.
    3. EgoPay commits to back all electronic funds with a USD and EUR reserve.
    4. EgoPay shall specify an exchange rate for orders coming from different currencies, to be agreed on before the transactions are pursued.