Instant transactions
Payments to others are instant; there is no waiting for clearing of funds.
Safe online environment
The EgoPay website is built to protect your funds.
Multiple wallets
Keep better track of your online funds with our wallet system.
Great customer support
EgoPay offers second to none customer support.
Easy to deposit and withdraw
Simple transfers to and from your Payza account, plus other flexible options.
Residual affiliate income
EgoPay offers a simple yet extremely rewarding affiliate program.

Sell Online


Please follow these guidelines to start using EgoPay as a payment option on your site now.

First you must sign up of an account and then you can create a checkout button for your website and/or integrate API/SCI. EgoPay doesn’t have restrictions on what sort of business you carry out as long as it is a legal affaire as stated by the terms of service you agreed to during the signup process.


Accepting EgoPay

In order to install our payment gateway on your site, please log in to your EgoPay account, click on Merchant and then click on Stores. You have several options of banners, images, buttons and gateways to integrate EgoPay on your site, as well as an Express Checkout button that you will be able to create and integrate on your website in less than one minute.

EgoPay does not allow the following business types: gambling, child porn, pharmaceutical sales, replica, hate, bestiality and tobacco, alcohol sales.


Seller protection

All transactions in EgoPay are irreversible, meaning a customer cannot place a chargeback on a transaction once it has been confirmed. EgoPay offers account holders the best in terms of online safety and personal information protection, but it does not take part in disputes between merchants and their customers.

EgoPay will only investigate a merchant if there is a significant number of complaints concerning fraud or suspicious activity.


Withdrawing your earnings

Now that you are receiving money from your customers via EgoPay, you may want to withdraw it to your bank account or credit card. EgoPay does not offer a direct withdraw option but you will have the option to use an exchanger suiting your needs. You can find the current list of available exchangers <Here>

You can also, of course, use your EgoPay earnings for your online expenses.


Help Request

If for any reason you have trouble connecting your site with our payment gateway or if you need help regarding your EgoPay account, our customer and technical support team is ready to answer your questions via our support area.