Frequently asked questions

General Information

  1. What is EgoPay?
    EgoPay is an online payment gateway which offers a simple and cheap way to purchase online goods, pay for services, subscriptions, entertainment and much more by using e-currency.
  2. Where is EgoPay registered?
    EgoPay is registered in Seychelles under the registry number 112109.
  3. What is e-currency?
    Electronic currency is often referred to as “virtual money”, but has the same value as regular currency and can be used efficiently to do online transactions of all types. Whether purchasing products or paying for a service, sending money to your friends and relatives, giving it as a gift to someone or otherwise sending money across borders or any distance, it is handy to be able to use e-currency, rather than costly bank wires or slow checks in the mail.
  4. How can I contact EgoPay Customer Support?
    If you have a specific question, you can send us a Support Ticket or contact us by Live Online Chat, which is available 5 a.m. - 1 p.m. GMT Monday-Friday.